Kjeld Oostra

kjeld.oostra@automatis.nl     +31 6 231 03 066     University of Amsterdam

Chairman at Study Association VIA (2016 - current)

via is the study association for the information sciences studies at the University of Amsterdam. The association is sponsored by national and international IT companies, and organizes activities such as an international study trip, symposia, talks, drinks et cetera. As chairman I carry the responsibility for the association, I talk and negotiate with the direction team of the UvA Faculty of Science and control the board. I have set up a committee for attracting inactive members of the association, and my board's goal is to further professionalize the association in general.

Besides being chairman of the association, I've been Master of Coin for the Bar Committee, chair for the Party Committee, and member of the Lustrum Committee and Marketing Committee.

CEO at Automatis Business & Lifestyle Automation (2015 - current)

Automatis BV is a company specialised in the development of software automating routine tasks, both in daily life and in business administrations. I founded the company, and worked on various projects.

Student Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam (2015 - current)

In 2015 I've started studying Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. The study covers various subjects, from Java-programming, machine learning and linear algebra to compuer vision and AI ethics.

Volunteer at Stichting Anak Belajar (2014 - 2016)

The foundation 'Stichting Anak Belajar' helps providing education for poor Indonesian children. I've delivered IT support and helped organize the Miss Indonesia festival in The Netherlands in 2015.

Initiator at De Bildug Academie (2015 - 2016)

De Bildung Academie is an academy focussing on highlighting Bildung and in specific personal development and social awareness. I've provided IT support and helped shape the Digitalisation course.

Student Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam (2014 - 2015)

From 2014 until 2015 I've studied Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam. I finished my first year, but stopped after that because the field of Artificial Intelligence was more of interest to me. The study covered fields such as programming in C, discrete math, operating systems and data structures.

Director at GOScripting (2014 - 2015)

GOScripting BV is a web development company, focussing mainly on the development of webshops and interactive websites.